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announcementKnown issues since the update.locked thread boobrrypiegrl018122/01/2017 13:13
announcementMake the Most of your Howrse Support Experiencelocked thread BOwer044429/09/2016 09:49
Editing Breeding Farms 
Samantha_66234123/02/2017 00:05
Ticket Trading? 
applez23422/02/2017 22:25
Horse Heavenlocked thread 
Horse.Lover25322/02/2017 21:40
Images and links in PMslocked thread 
Yuri33222/02/2017 20:59
VIP Accounts 
montana.p22822/02/2017 19:51
Divines in Equestrian Centres 
DreamPenguin2933822/02/2017 19:17
Foal Games 
DreamPenguin2963922/02/2017 19:16
Gp - first horselocked thread 
emelie1234523622/02/2017 04:17
Horus Divine question 
danimane26022/02/2017 00:26
Blupping Help 
Blue Ace55922/02/2017 00:19
Wear On Boxes, Greenhouses and Warehouses 
BrightDragon24521/02/2017 17:11
Team Ratinglocked thread 
FarmGirlStrong24921/02/2017 13:06
applez14720/02/2017 22:31
Crossbreedinglocked thread 
Yuri24020/02/2017 22:07
<changing back to mobile> 
SweetSatyr14120/02/2017 21:34
Reserve saleslocked thread 
Heather Richard13720/02/2017 17:41
Teamslocked thread 
Luna87647220/02/2017 02:41
Junior Creosuslocked thread 
Luna876511920/02/2017 02:40
selling horses 
flicker37320/02/2017 00:17
Hold prestigious competition 
Mataman6613419/02/2017 23:38
Heath ?!?!?! 
Kili49919/02/2017 23:22
Donkeyslocked thread 
ZombieOverLoad57519/02/2017 18:08
stryder14619/02/2017 02:05
Removing a Unicorns horn 
amigoluv15619/02/2017 01:31
At what time is the EC prestige level calculated?locked thread 
GrayJay45719/02/2017 00:47
Luna87656617/02/2017 23:36
99 BLUPlocked thread 
RumourHasIt37417/02/2017 21:00
Great Challenge Taskslocked thread 
Eva.K37117/02/2017 18:16
Boldinglocked thread 
Eva.K44917/02/2017 17:39
Tabs for horses on your pagelocked thread 
Raina1225317/02/2017 16:39
Escaped UFOs 
Yuri25217/02/2017 15:18
Donkeys and Drum Horses?locked thread 
christieleeburton49617/02/2017 06:36
Horse Breeding Teams 
Spark Trainer510817/02/2017 04:05
Fountainlocked thread 
emelie12345610817/02/2017 03:23
Bloodlinelocked thread 
Wildflower23839717/02/2017 02:36
20 Wins???locked thread 
SkyBlueEyes68417/02/2017 01:24
The Great Challenge?locked thread 
CloverGrover24816/02/2017 21:44
App/ mobile timing 
bethwsh127416/02/2017 19:30