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announcementMake the Most of your Howrse Support Experiencelocked thread BOwer088729/09/2016 09:49
How does breeding work?locked thread 
DunMasc42518/10/2017 15:23
Unicorn breedinglocked thread 
Miss.Pissenlit22618/10/2017 15:18
Horseboot Studlocked thread 
DunMasc26817/10/2017 15:50
Rosettes and Winning them!locked thread 
DunMasc48116/10/2017 14:15
How long...locked thread 
Mrs.Ewing26014/10/2017 17:44
Game Meter 
Flower Shadow15214/10/2017 16:45
Making money 
chubbybuddi58914/10/2017 04:44
Banned?locked thread 
rox27413/10/2017 22:11
Unicorn Coverings 
Horse.Lover13712/10/2017 19:59
"AP Farm" what is it ? 
Spirit37012/10/2017 19:53
Are Diamonds still used in the game?locked thread 
Robyn Dickerson38412/10/2017 18:31
Aging pointslocked thread 
honest 2338212/10/2017 15:31
Fusing Elements 
freespiritedhorses46212/10/2017 11:53
VIP perk automated horse purchases 
kittens224425012/10/2017 00:23
Hey everyone!locked thread 
Pxssion15111/10/2017 23:29
Notebook issues 
Spirit25211/10/2017 22:28
Fountain???locked thread 
CloudHugger34010/10/2017 17:58
Default buying optionlocked thread 
Jaytian24510/10/2017 16:41
Why is my Wild Horse not giving me diamonds?locked thread 
soaring44210/10/2017 15:58
[FT]Happy Thanksgiving Flash Chatlocked thread 
boobrrypiegrl77610/10/2017 01:24
no message possible 
MissCrocodile67209/10/2017 19:25
Question about multiple accounts 
TrotAlong10129008/10/2017 10:28