Horse related magazines and websites

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We're interested in getting some feedback from all of you and appreciate the time that you give to answer the questions below.

In your post, please tell us the following:

1. What horse-related magazines do you enjoy reading?

2. What are the horse-related websites you visit?

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By Retired breeder, 17th December 2018 18:01:31
this mainly the only game i play besides animal jam and me and my friends reall enjoy this game! default smiley (y)
To be honest, there's quite a few I read. Too many and too good to decide the best one.default smiley :p
crystal sunset
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Well, I don't really read magazines, but there is another horse game that I thoroughly enjoy called Star Stable. You have to pay to unlock the full game, though.
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I enjoy reading Western Horseman when I can afford to get it
elizabeth cummer
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As far as horse related websites this is only one I visit or play on
elizabeth cummer
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Horse Canada, western horsemanship, and Equine wellness are the ones I typically read
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For what it's worth, this is the only horse-related website I really visit! default smiley :p
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I used to play Star Stable, but it was updated so I can't play it anymore, I occasionally play Horse World Online and I play Ropin' Ranch.
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I play Howrse (obviosly) and my fave mag is PONY Magazine default smiley (l)default smiley (l)default smiley (l)
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