Welcome to the new Equestrian Forum!

Hello everyone,

What's this new Equestrian forum?

The new Equestrian Forum is a place where you will be able to discuss the various topics related to horse riding in the real world in general.

To start off the team will post the topics to start the discussions but maybe in time if things goes smoothly we'll give access to posting new topics to everyone. default smiley ;)

You would like to share your love of horses with other players, talk about your favourite discipline or exchange tips and ticks to become a better rider, you are in the right spot.

Of course to avoid offending some sensitivities and getting into fights about debatable issues, some topics will be avoided due to their nature. (For instance horse slaughter isn't something we will be discussing in this forum)

To begin with we have provided a few basic topics that will start bringing the forum to life.
Of course we are expecting you to give us the ideas and topic you would like to broach with the rest of the community.

For that a topic to gather discussion subjects will be posted in the Equestrian Forum. We will open it form short periods of time when looking for topic ideas and close it the rest of the time.
Then we will pick the topic suggestions among the ones that have received the most likes .
That way you can show us which topics would be interesting for you.

Please also note that if you want to post and image of yourself and you are under-age you will have to ask for your parents or legal guardian's permission.
The same is true if you are going to use an image with someone else in it. Please ask them (if they are over 18) or their legal guardian (If the are under 18) if they agree before posting the picture.

Keep in mind that the internet can be an incredible tool but that it can also be a dangerous place and you should always exercise caution when providing information over the web.
In case of doubt feel free to ask the other players or the moderators for advice, safety first. default smiley ;)

We hope you'll take a lot of pleasure in this new forum!
The Howrse Team
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My pony has a whole bunch of caked mud on his belly, but it's too cold to wash him right now. I'll brush it off if I have to, but does anyone have any suggestions to get it off a bit easier?
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I am fairly new to the game and in need of help. With the daily objectives we have to do mine are 1) Equip a horse with Black 2** polo wraps (which I cannot fine or seem to buy and 2) Enter a competition using between 19 and 20% energy (I haven't found any in Western or English that is over 16 energy) IF these things are not available how do I accomplish my daily objectives?

Any help would be awesome, thanks default smiley :)
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I ride English and every time I ride my ankles start hurting within 10 minutes. I have no clue why and neither does my instructor. She says my position is right and everything is fine but the hurt the same. I rode western before and a little bit of English as well and this never happened before.

Any advice on how to help lower the pain or what it might be?


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Carlyswift- does it help to wear ankle supports or different shoes/boots? My only other suggestion would be to build up your leg muscles so you don't have to rely on supporting yourself with your ankles. I rode bareback for many years and can keep pretty good posture and contact with my horse without relying on my feet.
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I used to take horseback riding classes. I rode on two horses: Duey, an appaloosa who was around 30 when I last rode him, then chara, a 15 year old american standard pony who was 15 when i first rode her. I never saw the appaloosa a few months after last riding him.
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Hiiii today at my job one of my clients had a birthday party LOTS OF FUN!!default smiley (l)default smiley <:o)
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Hi! I need a friend to chat to about horses and the game. Any volunteers or ideas? default smiley :d default smiley ^)
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Merry Christmas Everyone! default smiley (l)
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I ride at a stable called Bonanza and we ride with no saddle or bridledefault smiley :d
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I am new to this game but I am starting to get the horses I need for the game of has taken me 3 says to get 12000 equus on the game getting the hang of the game is hard as I don't play many games at alldefault smiley :)
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