Ancient horse Yggdrasil!

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<b>Sending old horse to Heaven after they’ve passed no longer gives passes or items.

No need to panic, you can still send them to Heaven for a new free divine and help it to evolve to bring you gifts.

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Now that the maintenance is finished, with the first old horse you send to Heaven, you can get Yggdrasil who is an Ancient horse.

<img src="" height=30 width=30 style="margin: -10px 10px 10px 10px;" ALIGN="left"/>Yggdrasil grows old when you send a horse at least 25 years old to heaven and the older the horse is, the more Yggdrasil will grow.

<img src="" height=30 width=30 style="margin: -10px 10px 10px 10px;" ALIGN="left"/>You can check on your divine and find our more information from Yggdrasil’s page.

Within this thread players who need help, want to help, or just would like to share their progression with the daily objectives are welcome to post here.

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Never mind, silly me, I sent it to Safe haven instead of heaven! I didn't realize the horse had to die first to obtain Yggdrasil! Oops!
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