Survey: Ikebana

The Ikebana Event

A wonderful time was had by all during the Ikebana. We created so many different floral arrangements. What did you create?

Now that the time for Ikebana has come to an end, we would like to hear your thoughts. Tell us what you liked, what didn’t, what you think could improve the event.

In addition, please rate the Ikebana contest via the poll below. With this survey, we’d also like to know if the tester’s tips were helpful.

Warm wishes,

The Howrse Team
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This one I LOVED. Yes it cost me passes but, I could get Hestia Gift and actually buy droppings to help with my Divines. Loved this one Howrse. More chances to get Hestia's and droppings please. A Winner!!! A 7 from me.default smiley :)
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The companion was easy to get without passes as it should be. However very few other prizes for a 3 week event and the divine was very expensive
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I loved this game, so much fun and I was able to get Hestia Gift, and lot's of other great prizes. Loveddefault smiley (y)default smiley (y)default smiley (y)
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good job peoples
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Loved it! Got a lot of prizes I enjoyed and the divine companion. Great event!
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8/10 This event was great! The only problem I have is the event finishing way too early on the morning so I wasn't able to get my 3rd Shika.
crystal sunset
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Great contest but I'm very sad. I didn't pay attention to the time of when the contest ended and I only saw the date so I automatically thought that the contest would end on August 5th at 11:59pm. Smh well it didn't. I hadn't merged anything at all to get a prize but I had merged enough yesterday to get a Divine and a Hera's Pack. I was going to merge everything I could to get the highest gifts I could today... well that didn't happen. I logged on and the event was over. Now I'm sad/mad that I didn't get anything out of the event and I wasted a lot of time. Anyways... it was a great game. Wish it would have worked out better for me I guess. default smiley :'(default smiley (h)
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Good game, I received excellent prizes and i did use passes to achieve several but well worth it in my opinion. I found it a little boring as I find many of the contests but I enjoyed being given the chance to make my own prizes. Thanks howrse.
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Overall the contest was fairly good. For the last question on the survey there should have been another choice since I had no idea what they meant by tester's hints as I didn't see any.

I would have liked there to be more ways to earn flower parts other than just waiting, although I did like that you could get some of the harder to get BMI's without much trouble.

I was a little thrown off by the pm about the contest ending soon, which generally comes out the day before and not two days before like it did this time, so I probably could have gotten a few more of the bigger prizes if I had caught my mistake.
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I managed to get the pet, and lucky to win the Sakura divine from the golden fleece.

The pet was a given being patiant and putting the right ingredients together. But the divine was solely gotten by luck, by chance.
rose petal
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hog wrote:

Wish it would have worked out better for me I guess

All promos end the same time on the Monday. Might want to take a note of this for the future.

I got 4 hestas and 1 Shika and very pleased with this.
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While this contest had great rewards, I found it very difficult to progress in the contest. If you didn't buy more flowers with passes, you had a very limited stash. I would've enjoyed it much more if there had been some way to earn flowers, aside from the daily login, like winning competitions, going on rides, or completing objectives as seen in the Great Challenge. Overall it was not a bad event, it just needs some tweaking.

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Firstly, this contest and the companion were both gorgeous...I loved the flower theme. default smiley (l)
This is very similiar to the potions/cakes promo which is my absolute favourite. As I have said before, I love choice. We all play the game differently and not all of us want the divine so I like the choice to be able to get something more advantageous to my game play.
I got the companion, 2 × Hestia's gift (for those pesky objectives), and some dropping (for my plant divine).
I am very pleased with my prizes and I would love to see more promos like this in the future.
Good job, Howrse! default smiley (y)
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Thumbs down and hard to get anywhere
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Really loved the whole theme and contest in general! Although it might've just been me, I didn't really catch on about the whole put two of the same ingredients together to get the next one until a while later default smiley (8)

I suggest changing the wait time so that the ones at the bottom (the seed) have more slots than the rarer ones (flower) which have a longer wait time? This way, you force people to build new flowers from the bottom up? Also I suggest having a guide on how to get to each flower - had to figure out how to get to the flowers for hestia's and the companion by looking at the gifts and working backwards. Although not necessary, perhaps it would help make things easier to keep track of.

However, overall, I really loved this!
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I loved this contest! I could play it without paying anything, which is one of my issues with some contests! default smiley ^)
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I found it a bit boring and annoying, but thats all beyond forgiven! It feels like forever since we had an event where we could get good prizes without spending actual money. Everyone had equal chances and it was motivating to progress. So regardless of gameplay, AMAZING event!!
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For the first time I actually enjoyed the contest! Good prizes! And I got the companion! Yay! default smiley (7)

I did have to spend some passes at the end for the companion, but that was my own fault, i was on hiatus for a bit.

default smiley (y)

This is how a contest SHOULD be! default smiley (h)
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Wasn't intuitive at first; had a bit of a learning curve, especially since the progression between flowers wasn't intuitive either (so I constantly had to refer back to the charts). After about a few days, though, it was easy pickings. I liked the aesthetic of the event!
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