Survey: Japanese Cards

Survey: Japanese Cards

That sure was a lot of scratching, we collected the cards we were seeking! Now it’s time to sweep up the dust from the scratching, and also time to ask everyone to let us know what they liked and didn’t like.

In this thread, we are happy to read your posts with constructive criticism. What did you find easy or more difficult? What would you like to see added to or taken away to improve the contest?

In addition, please take a few extra moments to fill out this survey’s poll for the categories listed. Remember that a rating of 1 is the most negative scoring you can give and that 10 is the highest positive score available.

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Overall it was ok. I think the prizes were pretty good and had great potential. I found it pretty hard to advance because I didn't get one diamond card even after buying a pack and logging in everyday, I didn't even see one in sales to buy.
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Like I always think when it comes to the cards event each year, I really wish we could occasionally through the course of the event have the option to exchange more than 1 card a day, or if they could be collected together if the option isn't used one day.

I personally never try to finish the collections to get the prize at the end because I've found I get more benefit from just collecting the gift cards, so as I do each time the cards come around, I did just go for gifts and am pretty happy with what I received and it was very beneficial for me.

Back to my first point, by the end of the event I was stuck with 5 cards (I think), that I couldn't do anything with because they were for the collections and I already had a copy of it. The first couple days I didn't need to exchange any cards so I hope in the future those unused exchanges get put together so we are able to exchange more than 1 card a day. I would also like to see a better chance to get the rarer cards , gold and diamond, as i did get a couple diamond and a few gold but they were all towards the end of the event, it might just be something with me but I personally wish they had been spread out more.

Overall it was a decent event, the cards are very low on the list of events I wait for but I am not completely disappointed in what I got out of it.
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