Hearts and Flowers

Hearts and Flowers

hearts and flowers
Seniority: 404 daysGeneral ranking: 24th
Registration date: 16/12/2015Number of horses: 4340
Last visit: 23/01/2017Reserve: 141,595 equus
Karma: 10 points


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sales in progress

Sales in progress

HorsePriceType of sale
Hard As...500 equus and 12 passesDirect
F939.18500 equus and 5 passesDirect
C951.55500 equus and 5 passesDirect
F957.37500 equus and 5 passesDirect
Beast O...500 equus and 15 passesDirect
favourite horses

Favourite horses

equestrian centre

Equestrian centre

Hearts and Flowers manages the equestrian centre H&F's Barn.

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  • Number of places: 33
  • Number of remaining places: 0
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The Grand Prix

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Customized UFOs

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