About me

I'm a 26-year-old girl from Germany. Even though I don't have to do a lot with horses in real life, I like them a lot. I've spent six months in Canada as an exchange student when I was 16 and still love this beautiful country, so I think there is nothing wrong with playing the Canadian version of Howrse - I was on the German one as well of course but like this one more. Beside that I'm studying to become an English teacher, so I also practice my English in this game. My second subject is Math- well I guess the kids are going to hate me ;)
Don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions or just would like to chat a little. As long as you are friendly I will be too :) I just can't promise that I will answer immediatly because there are days that I'm not online at all. I also am always looking for friends to help each other in special activities.

My howrses

I started with a Shetland Pony which I named after my little rabbit Lilly. According to that my first male horse is called Dimitri as this is the name of my second rabbit (his full name his Demolition Dimitri and he really deserves it!). I just like breeding for my own, BLUP 100 is very important because I like having high inborn skills. My main focus is on breeding horses to support my EC's competitions and breeding unicorns. I also have the goal to have a horse from each breed in each colour and to have unicorns of each breed.

My Equestrian Center

My EC is called "Turtle Stables" and you are welcome to visit me over there as well.