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I'm an adult female player who left university in 2011. I started riding during my first year at university and soon got the riding bug. I rode the same pony (a Fell pony mare called Rosie) at the same school for four years, so naturally I was devastated when the school closed a couple of years ago and Rosie was sold. I started riding at another school some weeks later and rode Lawrence a Connemara pony gelding. I work full time at the moment, and go riding every Friday morning.


Regionals: I had my first ever RDA Regionals dressage show on Saturday 11th May and got 2nd place in my class, riding Joe my trusty riding school steed, wow I can't believe it.

Nationals: I competed at my first ever RDA Nationals event on Saturday 13th July. I didn't place this time, but it was a fantastic experience and I felt very privileged to be there, there was some utterly amazing stuff going on. Drummer the pony that I rode was lovely. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to compete at the Regionals next year. :)
Helpful Howrse Tips

Scroll down for helpful tips on how to make money, get free passes and breed unicorns.

Drezella's guide to making equus:
As a new player it can be difficult to generate equus when you are short on resources and your horses aren't that good. Here's my guide on how to make money relatively quickly and regularly.

My main top tip is to complete the objectives on your account as they give you free BM items for very little effort, and you can sell these BM items in the items exchange located in the shop. To get an idea of how much items sell for, do a search for the item that you are intending to sell, for example medusa's blood, and see what other people are charging for this item if they are selling it for equus. My tip here would be to list your item for sale at a slightly lower price then other items listed as this will guarantee a quicker sale as players looking for that item will want the cheapest deal and as a result they will buy yours first. This is how I've made most of my equus so far. Complete all the objectives and sell all the BM items that you aren't going to use, and also any droppings/spare apples, energy mashes, tack etc, as all these things will make you money.

Do lessons with your horses, work them, then stick them in the meadow before feeding them, as this will mean that you have to feed them less hence you spend less money on food for them.

Board your horses at the cheapest equestrian centres (10e per day is the cheapest) avoid highly priced ECs as there are very good ECs at just 10e per day, so why pay more it's just wasting your money.

Sell any horses/foals that you don't want, again search the sales market to see what similar horses to yours are selling for, as you want to avoid overpricing your horse, because it won't sell then.

Another tip would be (if you have access to the grand prix) enter your horses into the prix every day, if you get the bonus that allows you to enter 4 horses per grand prix (4 for the western grand prix and 4 for the classical grand prix) then enter 8 of your horses, even if they are poorly trained, as this doesn't matter, you'll still get 1000 equus per horse that you enter, so that's 8000 equus per day.

Stroke Topaz (you can stroke a maximum of 5 Topazes per day) as he gives you 50 equus per day. You can search for Topazes by going to the directories and clicking on the horses tab, and then type the name 'Topaz' into the search box and click search.

Enter competitions, (again even if your horses are poorly trained/have little skills) this is a good way of winning some equus, even if your horses don't actually win the competition, some can still win money for placing 2nd or 3rd in some competitions.

Put public coverings up from your stallions.

Once you have generated over 150,000 equus or thereabouts, my next tip would be, to buy yourself a cheap unicorn as these are a great investment. Even if it is a male unicorn, (which are usually sold cheaper than female unicorns) you can still make a profit out of it by putting up public coverings. And if you manage to get hold of a pass, or 10 diamonds (by completing the partner offers) you can purchase a zeus lightening bolt to change the gender of the unicorn into a female so that you can breed foals from it. You can sell unicorn foals for a lot more equus than ordinary foals, to get an idea of what they sell for check out the sale market.

Drezella's guide to getting passes (without buying them for money):

You can obtain free passes by doing the following:
1) After your 50th day on Howrse, you can get a pass with 20 % of your reserve and then after that you can buy one every 30 days on the game, just visit the 'my passes page' and you'll see it half way down on the right hand side.

2) By sending one of your horses to heaven when they die and are 30 years old or older.

3) By selling your horses/unicorns etc for passes. (For this I would recommend trying to buy/breed the best horses that you can get access to, as this will boost their saleability.)

Drezella's guide to breeding unicorns

Unicorn breeding is a tricky thing to do, to have a chance of producing a unicorn foal you must ensure that the following criteria are met, the first being that the stallion and the mare unicorn must be of the same breed, you cannot cross breed unicorns nor can you breed a normal horse to a unicorn and hope to get a unicorn foal, it must be two unicorns of the same breed. The Second being that the mare must be covered (bred) by the stallion at the correct unicorn breeding time. If these two criteria are met then you have a 1 in 5 chance of breeding a unicorn foal. This means that EACH time you breed your mare there is a 1 in 5 chance of that covering resulting in a unicorn foal. It does not mean that if you breed your mare 5 times or more, 1 of the foals from those coverings will be a unicorn. There is no guarantee that you will ever produce a unicorn foal, in the past I've had mares that have had around 30 foals non of which were unicorns.

A very important fact to note when breeding unicorns is that there is a default time that is set when you can breed your unicorns, and that you can only breed them at this time, they are not like ordinary mares that can be covered at any time. You can change the default unicorn breeding time to a time that suits you best and I will explain how to do this shortly. The game allows you to breed your unicorns twice daily, at an interval of 12 hours apart. So for example if you set your default breeding time to 06.23 in the morning, you could also breed them at 18.23 in the evening. You only have a time window of 1 minute to breed your unicorns so for example say your breeding time was set to 18.30 pm, you'd only have until 18.31 pm to breed your mares. If you cover your mare/s at 18.31 or after she/they will be 'covered in the wrong conditions' and will not produce a unicorn foal, so it is very important to get the timing right. If you have set the time zone settings on your account to correspond with your geographical area for example if you live in the UK and have set your time zone to GMT Greenwich Mean Time (which is the time zone for the UK) then the unicorn breeding time displayed on your mares page will correspond to the game time displayed at the top right hand side of the game page. If your account time zone does not match your geographical area then I strongly suggest changing your time zone settings to match your geographical area otherwise you could end up breeding your mare at the wrong time, which will definitely result in a non unicorn foal being born. Howrse explains further:

"For instance, you are in Hawaii which is the (U.S.A. - Hawaii) time zone but you have set your account time on the Glasgow (United Kingdom - Scotland) time zone. This means the times given to you by the game for your unicorn breeding time will be the ones for someone living in Glasgow. If you look at your mobile phone, sundial, wrist or pocket watch which is in Hawaii time and use that as a reference to breed your unicorn then it will never work. You will need to change the time zone of your account to the time zone in Hawaii to get the proper unicorn breeding time given to you in your local Hawaiian time. Unless you are fond of doing your own time zone conversion."

My main top tip if you are covering many unicorn mares in one go, is to have their pages open and ready at the covering page (the page that appears once you have chosen the stallion to breed her with, with the green 'cover my mare' button at the bottom) using several tabs across your browser window. This will enable you to flick from tab to tab and simply click the 'Cover my mare' button for each of your mares at the unicorn breeding time instead of fumbling around trying to to find a stallion and cover them all in the one minute time frame that you have. It just makes it much easier. I think I've covered almost 19 or so mares this way in one go.

To see your current unicorn breeding time go onto one of your unicorn mares pages, and then click on the 'general' tab under the 'Reproduction' section of your mares page. You can change the breeding time there by clicking the green edit button. Please be aware of the time zone account settings that I mentioned earlier here! Also note that you can only change the default breeding time every 30 days! So bare this in mind when choosing a covering time, choose a time that suits you and your daily routine.

Hestia's Gift, what is it? It's a black market item that is ONLY released during certain promotions. It CANNOT be bought from the black market, nor can it be traded in the items exchange. Hestia's gifts are extremely rare, as they are the only way to guarantee that your mare will produce a unicorn foal when the item is applied to her. If you have a hestia's gift apply it to your mare before she is covered and it will guarantee that she produces a unicorn foal if she is covered to a unicorn stud of the same breed. (Note: The default unicorn breeding times do not apply when your mare has a hestia's gift given to her, so you can cover her at any time and she will definitely produce a unicorn foal. Also Note that a hestia's gift item does NOT appear on your mares bonuses tab or inventory, but if you have applied it to her then it is definitely there, it's just that you can't see it. If you want to check which mare the hestia's gift has been applied to have a look at 'My history of items,' on the 'my account' tab.) To get the best out of a hestia's gift I strongly recommend applying either a hera pack or a fertility wand so that your mare will produce twin unicorn foals, as these items are extremely rare and don't come about too often, so make the most of it!

Breeding Groups

On I'm mainly focusing on specialising my horses in the western discipline and breeding good quality competition horses. I've been on UK howrse since day 2 of it's creation with the same usename (Drezella) and I also play on Caballow with the same username.


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