Please feel free to make offers on my unicorns/horses in the sales.

(please don't offer just a small equus only price though - unicorns are difficult & time consuming to breed, and I will not even consider selling one for under 50000e).

Selling Purebred Spanish, Knabstrupper, Gypsy Vanner, Nokota & Akhal Teke unicorns

Black Market/Bonus items

I will always buy any of the following (but you must be able to use the item exchange & the private sales):

  • Chronos' Timer - 110000e
  • Piece of Cloud - 25000e
  • Philotes' Stroke - 25000e
  • 5th Element - 150000e
  • Fertility Wand - 30000e
  • Achilles' Heel - 30000e
  • Black Orchid 12000e
  • Croesus Fortune 12000e

I might also be interested in items not listed - please send a message.


I am always happy to trade lottery tickets with any player.

I would like to buy any Foundation Mustang and Holsteiners (with no golden apple on)

And any breed of horse/pony/donkey/unicorn with a Bee pet.


Rupert (Kitt) now at 3 years old and 16HH



Rupert (Kitt) 6 months old and first day living with us