Looking for someone who would like 
to help me take care of my horses.

Hello, I will be absent for the whole month of June for a humanitarian trip without internet. All activity will be done through account sharing. Have a good summer!


Welcome to my page.
Get the economy going, baby 
French-Canadian girl.
'Used to be a big player on the french server.
Playing since 2011.

When I indicate "negotiable"
 for a sale with a high price, 
I am very flexible.
Just PM me with the ID or 
link leading to the horse.

Objectives :
Once again achieve a huge collection 
of retired golden apples.
Accumulate a high equus reserve.
Complete all horse coat trophies.

Friend requests :
I accept all of them.
I often play on the phone,
I can't see the presentations. 

I buy horses in large quantities at auction.
Whitout hard feelings if I won the auction you wanted.
I am open to selling you the horse at the market price.

Achievement :
Finally made in the top 100 
after 327 days on the game.