About Me

Hi guys I'm a 19 yr old Canadian player from Toronto who used to play as a kid. I had the same username, but due to inactivity I assume that account got deleted unfortunately. Mostly here to have fun and get back into a game I used to love :) Been riding since I was 8 so I've always liked horses, and this game was super fun. Will accept any friend requests! I also play on the international server under the same username.                           


Looking to focus mainly on Arabian breeding for now.  Currently working on building up my resources, and continuing to breed horses to increase their skills, GP, and BLUP. *UPDATE: All Arabian foals to be sold will have over 10,000 GP guaranteed, and at least 1000 inborn skills. These foals will go for 10,000 Equus subject to change depending on individual skills and GP. (PM me for reserved sale) Thanks!                                                                                          Xanthos                                                     Xanthos                                                     Xanthos                                                  Xanthos                                                   Xanthos                                                               Topaz                                                                   Topaz                                                               Topaz                                                                  Topaz                                                              Topaz                                                            Frost