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I'm Yukari, of the Broken Hearted Pride!!

We are a DID system. What is DID? Glad you asked!

OSDD1B is a disorder that forms from severe, repeated childhood trauma. In order to avoid people claiming they are systems, we will not list all the requirements to form it. Even those who meet the requirements don't always form it anyways.
OSDD1B stands for Other Specified Dissociative Disorder. The 1B shows a strand of OSDD. OSDD is similar to DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), which used to be known as MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder).
OSDD1A is high amnesic barriers but little to no personality change. The alters all go by the "First"'s name, and act likewise.
OSDD1B is distinct personalities, but little to no amnesia MOST OF THE TIME. During periods of trauma-related stuff, it is possible for an OSDD1B system to not be aware of what happened, except the alter who was fronting, and the Gatekeeper, if the system has a Gatekeeper.
DID is distinct personalities, and high levels of amnesia between them. It is possible to lower the communication barriers and become a "OSDD1B" system eventually, but it is still DID.

System roles.
Host - The Host is the alter who fronts the most. In our case, it is Lune, who is a fictive of Princess Luna from MLP. They handle basic everyday things and tend to live a "normal" life, every time they are fronting. You can have multiple hosts.
Co-Host - One or multiple alters who front most often after the host. In our case, Sui is a co-host. They are often co-fronting, or co-conscious with the host.
Gatekeeper - Gatekeepers come in many shapes and forms, like any alter. They are in charge of memories, can control who fronts and when, can create the inner world, and much more. They tend to keep new alters away from the main system for a little while, if they must have them interact with the main system at all. It is a very taxing position and alters who have the role tend to be very busy.
Protector - Protectors can very in type. There's emotional protectors, who front when the body is overwhelmed, or front during tough arguments and likewise, to protect the system from distress. Religious protectors tend to front when the topic of religion is brought up, and protect the system from any influence from such things. There are many, many more types of protectors. Almost endless.
Caretaker - Caretakers tend to take care of the system, and all it's alters. They front to care for the body when the system is down, and are there to listen and cheer you up when you're feeling low. They focus more on the littles, but pay attention to everyone. Need a cup of hot chocolate and someone to lend an ear? You got them.
Soother - Like Caretakers, they take care of the alters in a system. Moreso when panic attacks, flashbacks, and likewise are happening. They excel at calming alters down and being reassuring. They also soothe new alters or alters returning from dormancy.
Internal Helper - Internal helpers don't front. Or at least, often. Their focus is more on the inner world and the alters. They are sort of like Caretakers and Soothers combined, maybe with their own specific traits.
Little - These are alters who are children. Every system considers Littles differently. Some say Littles are below 10, others, like us, consider them to be alters under 13. Systems can be very protective of these alters. Littles are at risk of developing sub-systems, should they endure trauma. They are created by the mind to be the child we could never be, to have a childhood we never had.
Persecutor - Let's get one thing straight - they are not evil. Persecutors are alters who hold negative emotions - hate, anger, disgust. They tend to not know how to cope, and that results to them doing things to harm the body. They can be very hard on the system, telling other alters to do specific things. But they are not evil, and will not hurt you.
Apparently Normal Part (ANP) - ANPs are alters who have... well... no trauma. They exist to live a basic, normal, traumafree life.
Emotional Part (EP) - EPs are ANY alter who has traumatic memories. These basically fill every single role.
Trauma Holder - A trauma holder is just that. An alter who exists to hold one or more traumatic memory. More often then not, this means being a fragment alter. Systems can have many Trauma Holders.
Persecutor-Protector - A "rash" protector. They are protective of the system, but still resort to harmful coping skills, and still tell the system things they don't want to hear. They try their best to help, and do a good job sometimes, but it takes a lot of work of a persecutor-protector to find the even balance between the two opposite roles.

System Terms
System - The collective term referring to every alter in a single body.
Polyfragmented - A term to describe a system with 100+ alters, many fragment alters, and/or a system with sub-systems.
Alter/sysmate/headmate - The term used to the describe the different entities inside the body. 
Sub-System - A system within a system.
Split - When a new alter forms.
Fusion - When two or more alters become one.
Integrate - The process that occurs when building communication with your system.
Fragment - An alter with a "two-sided" personality. They are not a full personality, and tend to only have 1-3 personality traits.
Inner World/Headspace - The space alters go when not fronting.
Introjects - Introjects are alters that are form a source. There are two types of introjects, Fictives and Factives. Fictives are alters from a fictional source - Warrior cats, Wings of Fire, Twilight, etc. Factives are alters who are based off of real life people - Sapnap, Dream, Sykkuno, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, etc. A definition we use, and some other systems use, for factives, is also alters from a fictional source who weren't *in* the source or any fanfiction.

Our System and Sub-Systems~
The Broken Hearted Pride - Insta is @brokenheartedpride This is the main system. Most alters reside in this system.
The Astrology Belt System
The Dragonperch System
The Glade System

Total count of alters: 200+
Last updated: 04/30/2022


This System is against the movies Split, Glass, and other shows that negatively portray DID and increase the stigma we're monsters and can get away with it.
This System does not support Tulpa Systems.
This System does not support Gateway Systems.
This System is against the demonizing of serious disorders.

This System believes in system responsibility.
This System watches Acrylic and Aether.
This System wants a break from system drama.
This System has introjects!
This System is open to speak with questioning, undiagnosed, or diagnosed TRAUMAGENIC Systems.
This System is neurodivergent.
This System struggles with harmful behaviours.
This System struggles in school.
This System is diagnosed with BPD.
This System is in therapy.
This System is learning to be more accepting.

Notes to self: Explore Sakura Layer of our headspace more
Make PK description -- and for the subsystems
Write in BULLET Journal and Emotion Journal.
Drink Water.