Hi guys, I’m jatp

About my game

I used to mainly breed Vanners since it is my original horse, but raising the GP from scratch was hard, now I focus on Arabians and Thoroughbreds. I also have Percherons, Donkeys, Paints, and Fjords

Congratulate me, and I’ll congratulate back

My EC is called Orpheum. It ain’t perfect, but it’s getting better. I’m slowly but surely increasing the number of my boxes. My number 2 boxes are on their way to be destroyed, but I’m waiting for their current boarding to come to an end.
Please participate in my competitions when you see them, it would be greatly appreciated
*They’re all called Orpheum*

My breeding team is called Edge of Great

Purebred Thoroughbreds, it has a great potential! 

See team’s page for requirements!

DM me if interested!

About me

I’m from Canada, I’m 20 years old, and I love animals.
I used to play a long time ago as a child, and came back during the start of the pandemic