Not currently playing a lot, I am still checking in and working on my EC however I recently discovered HorseReality and am putting more of my energy into there 

Since I will no longer be playing as much, I’ve decided to give my BMIs to players when I am able to. Maybe I’ve seen you looking for a certain BMI or saw you respond kindly in GamePlay or maybe you are brand new to the game..
So if you have found my page by receiving a random BMI, 
I hope it brought at least a small bit of happiness.


If you are needing help with your account (unable to come on yourself but still want/needing horses trained/taken care of/bred) don’t hesitate to PM me to discuss what you need done! 

About Me!
I previously played Howrse under the user Quinty, however that was international server! I’m an ‘adult’ player, almost 21 lol. I used to ride horses my entire life, I competed in both Western and English (Specifically Barrels, Hunter/Jumper) I even got to compete nationally! I unfortunately had to stop riding due to not finding a horse to advance on but mainly I have bone issues which results in a lot of pain. 
I’m happy to say I got to watch and meet Hickstead win the CN international in 2011, months before he passed. My old riding instructor currently owns a part of one of his Top ranked Colts.
Since getting out of horses I’ve jumped into the wine industry! It’s a lot of fun and so much information. 
I’m slowly teaching myself Spanish, I’m not very good however my goal is to move to Spain (After COVID lol) to work in the wine industry there. 
Currently watching things like Supernatural, VWars, Law and Order SVU, Unsolved Mystery’s (if you’ve watched the new seasons, PM Me about it to chat!)
I currently have 1 lovely major mutt, she’s my world now that I’ve had to step back from horses.
I try to be super friendly, so send me a message! However do be aware I do classify as an adult player lol 

IN Game Plan

Previous account I had I focused on strictly Pure Bred, however this time around I’ve decided to dabble in cross breeding. I’ve been doing herd disposals so I can restart my breeding program. I’m not sure what crosses I’ve chosen-I like what I created earlier on however not 100% happy with it.
However for purebreds I think I’ve settled on Hanoverians, at least for now lol.

Game Progress / “Good News”
11/12/2020 Was invited to have a VIP account! 

If I have a horse listed for sale listed as Negotiable, please don’t be afraid to send me an offer.
Also, if a horse is not  listed as negotiable but you feel like you might have a something to sweeten the pot, or if you think it was listed unfairly please don’t hesitate to ask.