Thank you all SO MUCH for making me the most popular player May 1 2022 and May 3 2022! I honestly NEVER thought this would happen and I'm SO grateful! You guys are AMAZING! Lots of thanks!

(Seriously cannot thank you enough!)


What do I breed?

-I am currently breeding Shetland unicorns and trying to get the coat colour trophy.

-I REALLY like breeding unicorns

-Trying to breed donkeys

-If you’re looking for a donkey I can usually sell you one! (But I will not be giving them away for too cheap if they have coverings left)

-If you’re interested in high skill and/or high GP thoroughbreds message me!

-If you’re wanting a 10,000+ GP Arabian message me!


Don’t forget to look at my sales as I regularly have something up. If there is nothing there, try looking in my “for sale” tab as sometimes I’m too lazy to put them up.

I usually sell for pretty cheap but…

If you feel a horse is too expensive, or you would like to work something else out, please don’t be afraid to ask! I really want to work out something with everyone so don’t be afraid. 

And all horses are negotiable

My horses are usually sold for equus but if you would like to buy for passes I’m usually not opposed, and vice versa.

I am pretty open to trading horses as well.

I try to be flexible with people but please dont feel bad if I don't work something out with you!

As well please don't beg me to buy your horses. I'm usually not looking to buy and if I am it's usually very specific.'

Any horses you want to buy which are not already in my for sale tab I'm probably not wanting to sell.


In the past I have been shown great kindness as regards to being a new player with not many horses and/or equus, so I always try to help new Howrse players in any way I can! Please pm me if you need some help! Seriously, I REALLY want to help you! If you have less than 100 days seniority, less than 1,000,000 equus and don’t have a unicorn currently I would love to give you one for FREE (Female btw) if you message me! It is also possible that I could give you a pair of Donkeys but they’re not as easy for me to give away at all times.


While I mainly focus on breeding horses for coat colors I don’t normally do it for other players, but if you REALLY need a coat color of a breed I have many of then it’s possible I might have a duplicate coat color you could have. But again this is not my main focus and I will not be taking special requests for coats. 


If you look at my unicorn tab you will see a LOT of them! You might even go as far as to say I have a problem… and I wouldn’t disagree. If you’re looking for a unicorn please don’t hesitate to ask and if you want a covering don’t hesitate either. If you want to trade unicorns I would be more than happy! And if you need a covering I can do that for 500 equus. Also please resist from asking for one of my adult unicorns specifically. I'm usually not interested in selling them but I'm usually okay with selling unicorn foals. (You can look in my Unicorn tab or my For Sale tab for those)


I try to return as many as possible. Please forgive me if I miss you:)


If you message me there's a chance I won’t respond due to the fact that I’m not playing Howrse at the moment. If that happens I am SO SORRY and will respond as soon as I get back on! Try looking at my last visit date to see if I’m currently playing:) Also if I have no presentation that sometimes means that as well. Also please be respectful. I will not respond to ANY disrespectful messages! We're all just trying to play. No need to be mean:) 

(I am playing rn:)


Happy Howrsing!