About Me

Hi there, My names Fizzgig after a companion animal in the Dark Crystal. I absolutely love that movie and love the netflix series as well. I'm an adult player from Manitoba. I used to play this game as a kid and because of quarantine I decided to get back into it. I was trying to play competively but now I just like to breed whatever I want. Right now I don't own a real horse but I do own a lot of other animals such as hermit crabs, a leopard gecko and dogs. If you ever need help shoot me a message and I will try my best to help you out.

About My Game

Projects I'm working on:
UNICORNS- Irish hunters, Curly
REGULAR BREEDS- Hanoverian, Marwari

ρєяєgяιиє Paint Unicorn Team Member

I collect cremello horses, I almost have all the breeds except for two or three. I am super friendly and will try and help any one with breeding. If you need a cover message me and I will give you a list of my available studs. I will also breed any of my horses under 10,000 GP and sell you the foal for 500e. I hold contests for nicer horses regularly and always have a Black market item as a prize on my UFO.