~* Welcome *~
This account is built strictly on 100% hard work, no passes involved (other than passes earned through the game).  I also have accounts on IH and US.  I'm so old on this game, I still refer the drink/water feature on Howrse as the saltstone.
I do accept friend requests and I am an adult.  I love nature, I’m a beginner herbalist and  gardner, I like walks and/or hikes, photography, Jeep Wranglers, movies (Star Wars, marvel, b&w’s, old song&dance, oldwesterns), books, music (worship, contemporary Christian, Daughtry, oldies, ... pretty much anything not rap, screamo metal and most country.). I live in TN., USA. But I have travelled a bit, mostly the US but I have been blessed to visit Vancouver, Canada.  I thoroughly  enjoyed my visit there. I’d love to travel over seas someday.
I’ve a personal account on IG, which is like 90% nature photography, @fairlight101
For my jeeping  adventures, go to @ohmyjeepsysoul
~* Horses *~
Just breeding as I’m collecting coats, GAs, etc.

Prizes I have won from divines since 4/10/20
Xanthos- 2 HOPs & 2000e
Topaz- 8800e / 10 passes
Frost- 6 Hypnos blankets / 0 Frost

Prizes from Yggdrasil since 4/30/20
~* Green Gables *~
                      EC will be a private EC.  

Help my competitions run if you have a spare moment.  You can find info on them on my EC page.

A few game tips posted on EC page as well.  Feel free to ask questions (I only speak english).