Starlite is having a farewell giveaway!

I am currently looking for Nokota Uni studs.

Hello Everyone!
I haven't played this game in a while and I came back to find that my account had been deleted. Which I totally understand, it had been a while. But I am still a little upset about it. Anyway here is to new beginnings!

~Moorland 28221916.gif


Currently I am looking for the following coats

Hanoverian: Bay, Cherry Bay, Black, Roan

Fjord: Rodblakk, Vlsblakk, Gulblakk, Gra
Nokota: Chestnut Overo

Shagya Arabian: Black, Bay, Chestnut

Special thanks to: canadianArabian 

Hiding from MissDun
168070zil1qp23qq.gif Help this little horse make her way around Howrse!

I accept all friend requests!

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