I have decided to host a Winter Giveaway as a way to give back to my fellow Howrse players! The Draw date will be announced soon!

The Rules to entering this Giveaway are simple:

1. Put on your page: MoorlandTotilas is having a Giveaway!
2. Congradulate me
3. PM me that you want to enter
4. Send me a friend request (optional)   

1. Two Unicorns of your choice, 2 BMI items of your choice, and a Golden Fleece
2. One Unicorn of your choice, one BMI of your choice and a Horn of Plenty
3. One Donkey, Two Random BMI and an Equipment Pack
4. One Draft Horse, One Random BMI and Tack
5. Three Random Horses, One Random BMI
6. Two Random Horses, Random Tack
7. One Random Horse, Aging Points
8. 25,000eq, Random Tack

List of People Who have entered:

Hello Everyone!
It has been quite a while since I played this game. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things and am still looking towards finishing some trophies. Here is to new beginnings!

~Moorland 28221916.gif


Currently I am looking for the following coats

Hanoverian: Bay, Cherry Bay, Black, Roan

Fjord: Rodblakk, Vlsblakk, Gulblakk, Gra

Drum: Mouse Grey Tobiano

Percheron: Black, Mouse Grey

Thoroughbred: Light Grey, Roan, Cremello, Strawberry Roan, Mouse Grey, Flaxen Liver Chestnut

Nokota: Chestnut Overo

Special thanks to: canadianArabian , Val

Hiding from MissDun
168070zil1qp23qq.gif Help this little horse make her way around Howrse!

I accept all friend requests!
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