Crystal Sunset is having a giveaway

Me and popochas are now selling 3000gp holsteiners for 7500 for males and 8000 for females!! PM us if you're interested, or be on the lookout for them in auctions

Yo visitor, 

Welcome to my page. 

Feel free to friend me, and pm me too, if you wanna chat ^^

Horses in the 'to sell' breeding farm are for sale. pm me if you're interested in any of them.

If you congratulate me, thank you. I appreciate it. I return them as often as I can
I have many stallions who are blupped and bolded. Lemme know if you want a covering (500e) - You can find them in the 'finished' tab, or just pm me the breed you want, and I'll let you know what I have
I have many fillers, who I occasionally put in comps, but I'm open to helping with filling whenever, just let me know
If I put a horse in sales, they're always negotiable, and you can always pm me for a cheaper price

~ Current Projects ~

Holsteiners (Demons of the Sky)
Me and my dear friend popochas are working on breeding holsteiners, with a goal of eventually selling them out. We've both noticed that good holsteiners are very rare and, most importantly, very expensive. Luckily for you, we are selling them for really cheap, so pm us if you want one.
*Just a note, as we both do not have vip accounts and are therefore unable to create a team, we do have different affixes (Demons of the Sky - aalixzanderr, ~Demons of the Sky~ - popochas)

Akhal Tekes (Wandering Ghosts)
I've always had a thing for tekes, ever since my first account many many years ago. So here I am, many many years later, still breeding them. Gotta love em

Akhal Teke x Friesians (Angels of the Shadow)
Me and my only dear friend popochas have also decided to try out breeding this interesting pairing. Potential skillers in the future(?)