Welcome to my page.

  Adult player┃Collector┃Gamer 

I try to return all congratulations!
Feel free to ask me to add to my friends list.
I will answer on your messages. But... English is not my native language, I can make mistakes. Keep that in mind.
Favorite breed: canadian horse and knabstrupper. I'm trying to breed them, but i don't have much time.

NOTICE: If i don't put the horse up for sale, it's not for sale.

Sounds in headphones: John Murhy - Ghosts


A little about me:
I'm not a very sociable person. I like to spend my free time on a book, a film or a game. Or I'm just listening my favorite music (Imagine Dragons, 30 STM, Red, Hurts and many others). If there is inspiration, I draw or try to write something. But most of the time I'm busy at work :(
Thanks for reading.