Welcome To My Page

Hello everyone, I am here with a new account as my old one got deleted due to inactivity. I am a fairly experienced at the game and looking to have fun! I am very willing to talk or make trades! Please feel free to friend or mail me at anytime for questions, I will do my best. I accept all friend requests and try to return all congrats! PM me if I forgot you and I will be sure to get you ASAP. 

I am a non-pass buyer. Everything I have, I worked hard for so please don't insult me by trying to undercut my prices. 



I currently only breed Knabstruppers seriously (Unicorns included - Tнє qυєєnѕ cσυяt ). However I am dabbling in donkeys as well as raising and selling Frisians for EQ on the side. I like to keep my horse count low and only keep ones that are in use. Any horse that I don't need/use/has to low a GP, will be put up for sale. This keeps clutter low and I can keep up with all my horses each day. 

Any horses that I breed that do not fit into the main categories below, will be placed under the ғɪʀᴇʜᴇᴀʀᴛ ᴄᴏ. affix. My divine horses are all under the ᴅɪᴠɪɴᴇ ᴍᴀɢɪᴄ affix. 

Main Breeding Affixes Below  
Eуℓℓωє αngєℓѕ
- Knabs of all kinds
- DM with offers, most young, (under age 8) horses will be for sale here
- Most names based on the Throne Of Glass books

Tнє ѕєνєn кιng∂σмѕ
- Purebred Knabs only
- My GP breeding Affix 
- Not for sale so please do not ask


Currently selling Knab foals from my Eyllwe Angels line starting at 5000eq with prices going up with training/wins, BMIs, age etc. Please check my sales tab for the newest sales and offers. 
PM me with offers. (No lowbal offers.) 


I am looking for a Knab team, PM me please.


If you see this "~" marking around a horses name and GP, it means that they have been fully BLUPed and I am actively breeding them. (ex. ~Lysandra 620~)  

All of my horses have at least 2* tack (most of them have 3*). I find this helps a lot with BLUPing comps. Another trick I find that works for fast BLUPing is turning off the simplified training and just picking the times yourself, based on your horses energy.  


    • 55th in Popularity -2018-03-05
    • 80th in Number of Comps won- 2018-04-07
    • 63rd in Number Of Comps won- 2018-04-09
    • 20th in Popularity of EC -2018-04-07
    • 14th in Popularity of Classical EC-2018-04-07
    • 15th in Horse Popularity with  Astrin 2527 - 2018-04-08
    • Wilderness Visited - 2018-04-17
    • 40th in Number Of Comps won- 2018-04-29
    • 10th in Horse Popularity with Morrigan 
    • 24th in Number Of Comps won 
    • 26th in Popularity 


Daily to-do List :

Frost -

- Topaz - Topaz - Topaz - Topaz - Topaz -

- Xanthos - Xanthos - Xanthos - Xanthos -

- The Safe Haven

Gifts I have recived-

Frost - 6x hypnos Blankets 
Xanthos - 3x horns of plenty and over 300 energy pts
Topaz - 5x diamonds and almost 20000 equus 

If you made it this far you might as well shoot me a congrats, or not haha, no pressure935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png