Hi everyone - I am very willing to talk or make trades so feel free to PM me anytime. Also feel free to friend me as I accept all friend requests and try to return all congrats - PM me if I forgot you and I will be sure to get you ASAP. With this being said, please do not take anything as meaning something more than just being online acquaintances - I am an adult that you do not know, so please keep that in mind.

Favorite horse currently: ~Visenya 11010~  <3

I am a non-pass buyer. Everything I have, I worked hard for. 

1000th congrats will get an Apollo's Lyre (PM me) 

I am always looking for Aging Points! If you send me an one, I will send something small back in return. 

(December 29th, 2022) 

Breeding/Horse Info

I currently only breed Knabstruppers (and unis) seriously. However I am dabbling in Polish Koniks' and Thoroughbreds here and there as well. 

Any horses that I breed that do not fit into the main categories below, or that are not actively in use, will be placed under the Fireheart Co. affix. Most horses in this breeding farm are for sale (PM me with details of your offer). My divine/special horses are under the Divine Magic affix. 

I use fillers (both western and english) and work closely with my partners to blup in comps quickly. If I/we steamroll you, or cut you out of doing your own blupping, send me a PM and I will be happy to help you fill your comps. 

Main Affixes
Targaryen Madness
- Current knab projects 
- Starting out blupping and gaining breeding stock, skillers will come later
- All names based on Game of Thrones books by George RR. Martin

Eyllwe Angels
- Knabs of all kinds
- DM with offers, most young, (under age 8) horses will be for sale here
- Names based on the Throne Of Glass books by Sarah J. Maas

Starks of the North  
- Dabbling in skiller TBs 
- In progress...

Queen's Court 
- Unicorn breeding affix 
- Unis' of all breeds 


Currently selling Knab foals from my Eyllwe Angels line starting at 5000eq with prices going up with training/wins, BMIs, age etc. Also selling most horses in the general horses breeding farm. Please check my sales tab for the newest sales and offers or send me PM to discuss a deal. 

All of my horses have 3 tack to assist with fast blupping (this will up selling prices in some cases).

Any legitimate offers will be considered and either accepted or politely rejected. Any rude or demanding offers will be ignored and/or blocked depending on severity. :)

Team Info 

Currently interested in a Knab team - PM me!


This marking ("~") around one of my horses name and their GP means that they have been fully BLUPed and I am actively breeding them. (ex. ~____ 6200~). 


- 20th in Popularity of EC - 2018-04-07

- 14th in Popularity of Classical EC - 2018-04-07

- 15th in Horse Popularity with Astrin - 2018-04-08

- 18th in Number of Comps Won - 2022-12-06

- 7th in Popularity - 2022-12-12

 - 5th in Horse Popularity with Rhaenyra - 2022-12-12

Thanks for stopping by! <3