About Me

I am an adult player that has played the game on and off since I was about 10 years old. I used to play primarily on the International server under the same username but I took an extended break and sadly my account got deleted. When that happened I decided to start up on the Canadian server. I accept all friend requests and feel free to message if you need any help with the game or want to chat.  

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in environmental science so I may not be very active when my course load is heavier. 

About My Horses

All of my horses that are currently for sale are listed under the "For Sale" tab. If there is a horse you like in that tab, just PM me and I will reserve them for you if they don't have any bids on them. 

I primarily breed paint unicorns, so if you need a paint horse coat for the trophy, I have lots of uni fails. Just shoot me a PM and we can work out a price! 

I am willing to put out coverings from any of my stallions, aside from team horses. If I haven't posted any coverings from the horse you would like, PM me and I'll put some out for you. 


I have just joined Crystal Dancers and I am super excited to begin working with the team! I started out with Lipizzans on this server and it is great to continue working with the breed as unicorns. 

I am always willing to be on more teams so if you're recruiting feel free to reach out. I am currently focusing on unicorns at this point in the game.

Horses I'm Looking For 

I'm currently looking for Percheron and Finnish unicorns to complete my unicorn breed trophy. I am willing to trade a shire or drum horse unicorn for a Percheron.

BLUPPING and Comps

I am looking for help filling classical and western competitions to BLUP some low level horses, please PM me if you are willing to help out. The horses range from 350GP to low 2000GP.