**Wowee I've been gone for a long time, over a year I think! I'm slowly going to bring this account back to life, I may not be as active as last time between work and my own horse, but I'll definitely be here on my downtime!!**

Hi there!

I'm CommanderPipes, I've been playing this game off and on since its inception. I'm back once again and am an independent breeder of High GP Thoroughbreds! Off-game I'm in University pursuing a BSc in paleolithic archaeology with a minor in evolution, I'm a huge science dork and love mammoths~

I only breed my horses once they reach 100 BLUP and are fully bolded. And I'm always on the hunt for high-quality breeding stock (no geldings). If you think you have a horse I'd be interested let me know! I can pay with passes for the right GP.

I accept all friend requests! Kids be sure to ask your parents as I am an adult player.