Welcome To My Page! 

I've had a very long absence from the game. My apologies to anyone who messaged me in the time I was gone, and never got a reply! 

I hopefully will be able to answer now


I've just put many of my affix horses in sales! I want to get rid of them! Make an offer on any! 

  1. 1000 congratulations
  2. 1million equus without passes 
  3. 2nd popularity
  4. Top 1000 players 

 The goals I have left:

  1. Breed PB QHs with GP over 3000 Got my first 3005 GP boys today! 18/03/17
  2. 10 million equus without passes YES! 23/06/17 10million equus
  3. Breed PB QHs with GP over 3200 (check). 
  4. Breed QHs with GP over 3500 Made it! Twin colts, Midday Sun and Endless Horizon!
  5. Breed QHs with excellence stars over 300 Check! Son of Jesse (named after my  howrse friend Jesse, who graciously gave me a Hera's Pack as her thank you and farewell gift. I'll miss you!), and Endless Dreams! 
  6. Breed QHs with 4000 GP

The Selling of Horses:

 1. Any horse that is in the SALES/FUTURE SALES tab is -- you guessed it -- for sale! (Or almost for sale)

 2. Horses that are not in the sales tab are not usually for sale, unless it is for the right price, which I am willing to be negotiable on depending on the horse.

 3. If you would like a covering from one of my stallions, just ask. Regular price is 7500e on my top available studs. But depending on the situation, I can and will go down to 500e.

 4. Keep an eye out for my affix! (I also think this is where my issue is, because I think I can't use the diamond icon anymore... this is unfortunate, because that is my staple image... ugh). Of Bar Diamond Stock (except with the diamond image).