BLUPPING horses/ponys in desired discipline in 2-5 days (depending on school) 

PM me to negotiate a price 

breeding and selling high skill horses for players cross or pure as long as I have the capabilities. PM if interested!


now breeding unis to order and selling some of the foals i have :) pm me for details 

Starlite is having a huge going-away giveaway! Check it out!

All horses under "Stars for sale" breeding farm are for sale.  they all go though the foal games and start being trained when old enough. I dont need any of these horses they are looking for good homes. Pm me with a name and reasonable price and we will negotiate:)
NEW!! "flash1998's tips and tricks" are now out of date

I love helping others. feel free to send me a pm with a question or a random friend request.

NOT making layouts currently sorry :(

Need a layout? I can make you one!

As i said above i did make this layout myself.
if you would like me to make you a layout please PM me with the following details:

1) how many sectionswouldyou like? what would you like each section labled?

2)a link to an image you would like behing your layout and or color. (please make sure the image doesnt have a copy right on it)

to check out some ofmy other work you can visit is ambessant or shetland_lover  :)

note to thoose with a layout:
if you are having difficulties with the "enter" comand change to HTML mode and place a <br> where you would like the "enter" to be
Always intrested in any BMIs but mainly the following:
Piece of Cloud, Chronos' Timer, Nyx Pack, HOP's, Philosopher's Stone, Hera Packs, Hestias Gifts

looking for the following breeds of unicorns: painthorse, Thoroughbred, hanoverian, french trotter, fjord, welsh, Appaloosa, holistiner, mustang, nokota, curly, tennessee walker.
if you have any of the mentioned breed and are intrested in selling or tradeing for one of the breeds i have (see unicorns-->) please please please PM me.
Almost all horses and ponies are for sale from anywhere for the right price. ** i can't sell my divies please dont ask!** 

UNIs are a big thing im selling right now. i have a waiting list sometimes depending on the breed your looking for.

Now breeding high GP Drum Horses 

oh look! you have found one of the chalenges :) find the other 2 and send me a pm with the answers. you could win a prize :o

Challenge 2: what is the name of the most recently produced horse for this poject? 

I have the breeds:shetland, arabian, connemara, friesian, alke teck, shagya arabians, and now Quarter Horses!!!
I will blup your horse for you :) or train or do foal games :)
send me a PM to work out a price


If you Stroke these 3 Xanthos Xanthos You can win a Horn of Plenty or enerrgy for your last born foal. 

If you Congratulate these Topaz Topaz Topaz Topaz Topaz You can win a Diamond or 50e. 

 you can Defrost Frost And have a chance at winning can a Hypnos' Blanket or a frost on the 1st of each month.

Foal Games

photo foalgames_zps7ac6261f.jpgphoto foalgamesponies_zpsaf6b2eea.jpg