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I would really like to take this time to say something to someone who is very special to me❤️. You may not know her. I don't. She may just be another name on your friend's list that you sold a horse too. But she is not that to me. She is... the meaning of kindness, the heart and soul of what it really means to be a true friend❤️. She made my team, she was kind enough to accept making my team and I didn't know how to thank her... I still don't. Then she gave me a Harmony Pack for my donkey❤️. I was in shock, I was so grateful yet I still didn't know how to react. She wouldn't even accept the smallest gift of gratitude❤️. No 6 pass BMI, no 3500+ GP horse... Nothing. SOOO many players don't realize how amazing and extraordinary this player truly is❤️. This player is Gogo13❤️. We all need to give thanks to her. Please re-post this on your page if you are grateful for anything that Gogo13 has done for you. Spread the love❤️. ~Created by warriorcats33~

About Me:
I am 21 years old and in university for Business Management. I currently reside in Southern Ontario I speak English, Russian and a little bit of French! I love friending people and talking, so if you want to message me about a sale, or comment on my horses, or get your mares covered or get an offspring from my mare with your stallion, or anything really...just message me! My avatar is of my lovebird parrot named "Peach", you can also find him on instagram: "@loveypeachy" !

About My Game:
Currently I am putting all of my effort and energy into the "єchαntєd⚜drєαmєrѕ" Quarter Horse Team that bouhou1 & oka-timmy-mojo and I have created. As well as  Villuminate and I are in a partnership with breeding high GP Thoroughbreds (my affix for those are: "⚡️Flashy Thoroughbreds⚡️"). Other breeds (Friesians & Paint Horses) have been put on to the back seat until my university semester finishes.

I congratulate back and try my best to send back (snowball, lottery ticket, etc) as well!


None of the Team horses are for sale unless they are in the Current Sales tab. If you want to a horse from the Future Sales tab then you will need to message me and ask if I can sell it to you once the team releases that GP. BLUPed horses will always be sold for passes (but willing to trade for BMIs like: Harmony Packs, Philosopher's Stones, Morpheus Arms, Hera's Packs, Fertility Wands, Medusa's Bloods, 5th Elements, Golden Apples, Zeus' Lightning Bolts, and Aphrodite's Tears.)

- January 25th, 2017 - Joined "єchαntєd⚜drєαmєrѕ" Quarter Horse Team
- March 4th, 2017 - Joined "✯ Sσмєтнιиg Rσуαℓ ✯" Shagya Arab Team
- March 5th, 2017 - Achieved "All Unicorn Breed" Trophy thanks to MissCrocodile, bouhou1, and Alli %28l%29.png

Drafts Breeding Help Program:

by EMStables & MissCrocodile) 
We are starting a Draft Breeding Help Program! 
Note: They will not be high in GP.

- You must not own more than 1 breedable draft 
- At least 6 aging points in your inventory 
- Must have access to Reserved Sales in the Horse Sales

How Does This Program Work? 

I or MissCrocodile will provide you with a breedable mare with a covering. Your job is to cover her and then age her until the foal is born and then sell me that foal so we can help the next players! BUT don't worry, we will give you another covering and will trade your next foals if you have only males or only females, etc. Please, do not sell them as long as you receive help from me or MissCrocodile. 

Currently have spots for: 2 

Players that are in this Program: 
- ILoveAnimals4 
- Missy 
- MarieT 
- supersnowball78

Daily Click-ables!
Borrowed from: MarieT's presentation
Petting a Xanthos gives a Horn of Plenty to lucky players. Other players will get 10 energy points from Xanthos for their most recently born horse. 
Up to 5 Xanthos can be petted per day. 
Xanthos , Xanthos , Xanthos , Xanthos , Xanthos

Topaz is giving out a diamond to the luckiest of all the players who gave congratulations. The rest will receive a little money (50e) in thanks. 
Up to 5 Topaz can be congratulated per day.
Topaz , Topaz , Topaz , Topaz , Topaz 

You can defrost 1 Frost every day through her public page for a chance to win a Hypnos' Blanket. On the first day of the month, when the website is updated, Frost is given to one of the players who defrosted her during the previous month.