Morpheus Arms - 300000e                     Hera Pack - 150000e
Nyx Pack - 300000e                               Golden Apple - 150000e
Zeus Lightning Bolt - 120000e               Harmony Pack - 150000e
Aphrodite's Tears - 120000e                   5th Element - 150000e

Please reserve for me, send a message and I will pick up as soon as I can. I am also happy to exchange other BMIs. Multiples preferred.


ƈɛʟȶɨƈ ʄʊֆɨօռ skillers for the Reining Grand Prix and *°• Dᵒˡˡʸ Mⁱˣᵗᵘʳᵉˢ •°* skillers for the Dressage/Trail Grand Prix are available. Please message with any enquiries.


Current Breeding Projects:

ƈɛʟȶɨƈ ʄʊֆɨօռ

ƈɛʟȶɨƈ ʄʊֆɨօռ is a crossbreeding project focusing on Welsh x Irish Hunter ponies. They win the Reining Grand Prix each week.

Reining (89.57%): Sliding stop, Immobility, Left spin, Rollback, Sliding stop, Right spin, Sliding stop, Immobility, Backed up, Sliding stop.

*°• Dᵒˡˡʸ Mⁱˣᵗᵘʳᵉˢ •°*

Dolly Mixtures is a crossbreeding project focusing on Knabstrupper x Nokota horses. They are currently winning both the Trail and Dressage Grand Prix.

Dressage (91.14%): Extend trot, extend walk, extend canter, leg yield, passage, leg yield, lead change, piaffe, leg yield, half pass.

Trail (91.43%): Bridge, back L, gate, pivot, immobility, rails, gate, back L, pond, gate.

If anyone has worked out any higher difficulty floorplans then please do share!

With thanks to my friends MissCrocodile, Natosha, Kolya, Duckielou and eldertree for their support with my crossbreeding projects! You are all awesome minions!