Welcome to my page!

I buy any horses for 500-1000e, just put them in reserved sales under my username and I'll buy them as soon as I see!

I'm a Canadian female player living in Québec. I used to play this game when I was little, under the same name. I kept it in memory of the good times I had. I was on the French server, on Gaïa, back then.

BMIs Exchanges

I have some BMIs I would like to exchange. PM me if you would like to exchange something. Make sure you still have an exchange left before asking me though!

I have:

baton-fertilite_v1828806360.pngx5                  rayon-helios_v1828806360.pngx2                 eau-jouvence_v1828806360.pngx2                   couverture-hypnos_v1828806360.pngx8                    fleche-artemis_v1828806360.pngx5           pack-poseidon_v1828806360.pngx3                  boite-pandore_v1828806360.pngx6                 caresse-philotes_v1828806360.pngx6                   orchidee-noire_v1828806360.pngx7                    fragment-nuage_v1828806360.pngx3          pack-bonus_v1828806360.pngx1                 eclair-zeus_v1828806360.pngx1                   sang-meduse_v1828806360.pngx7                 lyre-apollon_v1828806360.pngx7                     parchemin-ploutos_v1828806360.pngx3           pactole-cresus_v1828806360.pngx2                talon-achille.png x8                  pierre-philosophale.png x5

I'm looking for:

pomme-or_v1828806360.png       larmes-aphrodite_v1828806360.png        pack-harmonie.png     sablier-chronos_v1828806360.png        argent_v1828806360.png


I will buy unwanted horses for 500-1000e, just put them in reserved sales under my username. You do not need to contact me to ask, I will check often and buy as soon as I see them.
If one of my horses is for sale, it's in the sales already. I'm not selling other horses. It is unnecessary to contact me to ask if I can sell one to you, I will not.

Daily To-Do List

Stroke 5 Xanthos daily for a chance to win a Horn of Plenty.

Xanthos 1 - Xanthos 2 - Xanthos 3 - Xanthos 4 - Xanthos 5

Congratulate 5 Topaz daily for a chance to win 10 passes. The others will give you 50 equus for each congratulation.

Topaz 1  - Topaz 2 - Topaz 3 - Topaz 4 - Topaz 5

Defrost Frost for a chance to win a Hypnos' Blanket. Every 1st day of every month, a Frost is given to a player who defrosted her the previous month.



Popularity ranking:

5th place, 25/03/2016 (Seniority: 17 days)

General ranking:

In the first 400, 11/04/2016 (Seniority: 34 days)

In the first 300, 16/04/2016  (Seniority: 39 days)

In the first 250, 23/04/2016 (Seniority: 46 days)

In the first 200, 05/05/2016 (Seniority: 58 days)

Competitions won ranking:

In the top 20, 13/01/2018 (Seniority: 307 days)

I will accept all friend requests. (y)_v1828806360.png
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