Former Login: Eris

I accept all friends request.
I am a pass buyer but not a huge one.
Begging will get you blocked.
VIP Player that uses auto comps
I'm an adult player from the USA
Been playing Howrse on and off since 2006/2007.
I play World of Warcraft Horde side
I am a proud Pagan Witch, no I am not Wiccan
I am a wife, mother, and a grandma
I have been with my husband 20+ years
I have 3 human kids, 2 grand babies, and 1 fur kid (GSD owner)
I am in my 40's
I have a bunch of tattoo's and use to have 5 piercings
When I hit 40 I got my first tattoo
I am a amateur plus size model and amateur photographer
I live in the Volunteer State

DON'T CLOG THE COMPS! I was given permission to use this. I wont put names on my profile cause of the game rules. But they are a wonderful person and team mate(on USA server) so they get the credit for this.

 I am a VIP, I pay for VIP, and I use my VIP Perks.

When I BLUP, I use Auto Comp; it's a perk I PAY for.  If I beat your horse, It's NOT because I tried to, it's because my horse is higher skilled than yours. When auto comping, the game enters a horse into comps its more likely to win. Do not message me telling me my horse stomped yours.

Were you actively filling for your horse, or did you put your horse in all the available comps and leave it there hoping to win?

It doesn't work like that. You want wins? fill for them just like everyone else!

If you are on a team that is "sitting" in comps, the teams I am on watch that and try to go around other horses. However, if you put your horse in a comp we all use, blanket that comp (put your horse in ever available comp) and don't fill for yourself, don't have your team mates help fill for you, then YOU are hogging comps.

I use to be nice and say, "if I stomp you, kindly message me so I can help fill for you." However, I was taken advantage of from people wanting me to do their work for them. Time after time, other teams would blanket comps and not fill for themselves, they sit for hours "waiting" for wins. Then I come along, auto comp over them and they say I "stomped them", um no honey! It's not stomping when my team horse and three of my team mates fillers are in that comp.

NO! I'm not filling for someone who can't at least TRY to fill for themselves.

I'm not your team mate, you might want better ones though.

MAD??? Why should I do your work for you?!