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I am accepting friend requests and would love to help you if I am able to.
I also try to return as many congratulations as I can.

Make sure to vote in the creation space when you can if you are low on funds! You can earn up to 1000 equus a day just by voting 50 times.

Here's a list of links I put together! Feel free to give people congratulations while visiting their pages! If there are people with customized UFOs on their page that aren't listed here please send me a message so I can add them!


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Customized UFOs

buckets   Tinyhill2   MissCrocodile   NorthernLights
Natosha   crye4me   lozond   Eterna
dhibby   Saxon Warrior   Hidden Quest   Maktum
Starbright2   strawberry2   ShadowJazz   sassymomma
Dreaming Stables   DancingThruSunday   becca27   Sungold
Wanda   Equuia   RacetrackReject   Crystal Sunset
ZOwey   skinknee   avalon42   Val
Deanne   Horse Fun!!!   Catgirl74   stryder
cate.ha   Hermione   Jadelove   dukaroo
Maylina12123   murrisch   Tammy91251234   FraggleRock