For some reason I have had a lot of people private messaging me to buy horses I have for sale in Auction. Apologies, but I will not take horses out of Auction. Whether they sell or not, I keep them there as such. If you wish you buy  horses out right, I have plenty in DIRECT sales you can purchase without waiting. 

Not Accepting any team requests. Have no time.

Hi! Welcome to my page. I am an adult player who resides in Canada.
"My Game".. Is to breed as many High GP pure bred horses of all types. I am a 

multi-tasker and find more fun in breeding multiple types. 

Please do not ask for favors, I often give things to people who never ask for it. 

Thank You's!
Miss Crocodile
(sorry to anyone I may have forgotten, just know I don't forget generosity)

~*~Coat Trophy's I am close to finishing~*~ 
(Any help is greatly appreciated-will pay a reasonable price if you have any of them available.) 

Irish Hunter: Flea Bitten Grey
KWPN: Cremello
Newfies: Cremello, and Strawberry Roan
Welsh: Flaxen Liver Chestnut and Roan
Drum Horse: Mouse Grey Tobiano and Bay Tovero