Looking for passes I can trade you the following

  • Any BMIs
  • Any breed unicorns
  • Any breed Pegasus
  • (LOADS) of Equus
  • Any of my horses

PM me if you have a pass you're willing to spend (you will get something in return) on my cause! It will be going towards me becoming a Pegasus VIP player. My goal through this is to continue helping players complete coat trophy's in a more organized fashion using the color coded breeding farm tabs!  :)

In need of philosophers stones PM me if you have one and we will work out a price ( no passes) Willing to trade other BMIs and Equus.

In need of aging points send me a friend request and an aging point and I will send you a gift in return!

I am looking for help to complete coat trophies as well as the unicorn and pegasus trophies PM me if you can/want to help every horse counts!

(horses you sell/donate to me won't go "out to pasture" I will still enter them in comps and raise them to their best potential)

I am looking to join a curly breeding team!


!!!Having a huge sale!!!

ALL horses in the other tab are for sale !!! Make and offer all have to go!!! I am currently trying to collect coat trophies so feel free to offer a trade. 

Do you want a curly?

If you do just pm me what coat color and gender you want and I will reserve it for you as soon as possible! (price depends on the horse)

PM me and I'll reserve you a covering from my best curly stallion.        

I am currently helping players complete coat trophies.  If you are interested pm me what coats you need and we will work out a fair price. Also available for trade as I do not have all the other coat breed trophies.

With the divine power of my Midas I can give one lucky donkey a harmony pack a month! for a small fee (PM me if interested)

Looking for a fully bluped purebred shire to breed to my shire mare. Willing to pay  7500! or gift you a curly foal

Also looking for a fully bluped male donkeys to cover my donkey mares. Willing to pay 7500! or gift you a curly foal Proud Breeder of Curly Horses!

My Equestrian Center News = Canadian Curlies

Canadian Curlies is taking donations to improve your stay! 

Donations will go towards an increased number of ** boxes available as well as showers to go in them.

Anyone that donates gets a curly horse foal to keep for the amount of money you wish to donate. The more you donate the better GP or rarer the coat will be.

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1 Defrost Frost for a chance to win her or a Hypnos blanket!!!

CongratulatTopaz 1 - Topaz 2 Topaz 3 - Topaz 4Topaz 5!!! You can win diamonds!

3 Stroke Xanthos - Xanthos !!! You could win a horn of plenty!!!

4 Name one of your horses Junior Croesus and care for him on the 12th of every month! He might turn into a Croesus!

5 Stroke a horse in the Safe Haven for Equus

6 Check the Creation Space for voting!



A bit about me!

I am a HUGE fan of the wings of fire book series I will be posting some of my art soon. I love to talk about the books so message me if you have any questions about them! Also, most of my horses are named after characters throughout the books just in case you were wondering where I get theses amazing names.

Check me out on Deviant Art ~  The-dragonet

I was born with a savior allergy to horses, but being a little girl I loved them more than anything in the world. When I got near them or anything that had had contact with a horse, I would break out in hives, my eyes would get itchy and I would have a hard time breathing. Despite those effects, I still loved horses.

 Over the years, my allergy's stayed the same and hardly improved. I almost lost hope till I was struck with a ray of sunshine. My grandma had told me about a horse that one of her friends nephews was riding his allergies were just as bad as mine and here he was riding this horse! 

It was called the Bashkir Curly horse and was supposedly hypoallergenic.  Research indicates a protein is missing from the hair of Curly horses which may be what causes allergic reactions to horses

Curly horses have a unique gene that gives them their curly hair (which is most obvious with their winter coat) curly horses exhibits curly hair inside their ears, at their fetlocks, and their mane and tail as well as curly eyelashes all year round. During the winter, the horse exhibit curls all over the body but when they shed out for summer.The coat in the summer shows a slight wave in it, but not as extreme as the winter curls.


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