Hi everyone!

Currently looking for Morpheus Arms and Chronos Timers and have plenty of other items with which to trade!

I breed mainly quarter horses but also some Akhal Tekes.

I am currently in the market for PB QH studs that have 3100+GP and I am willing to pay with or without a pass or any reasonable price.  

Feel free to message me and I will accept any friend request :)

I am an adult player on Howrse and have been playing for a few years.  This is not my first account but I appreciate any help or guidance. I am looking to join a team or gain a breeding partner so anyone looking for new members please feel free to message me.

In real life I am from Ontario and my family has a standardbred racehorse named Buster and have been involved in the racing industry for over a decade. 

 Feel free to pm me for covers, sale offers and friend requests or even EC reservations 8f0d73882229b1f472cf172ee2f66ad8.png?1828806360 

I am also looking to trade for Hera Packs and Chronos Timers.

Happy Howrsing :)