Howdy! I've been playing Howrse for a while now, I still by no means know exactly how to use every aspect of this game, but I'm learning.

I'll accept all friend requests, though I really like to have at least one message between us before we become friends :p

I love helping out new players! If you need advice on how to make money or anything than feel free to send me a message.

Some things to do daily:
Stroke Xanthos: Xanthos, Xanthos, Xanthos, Xanthos, Xanthos
Congratulate Topaz: Topaz, Topaz, Topaz, Topaz
Defrost Frost: Frost

 I began this game breeding TB's, and I still have my starter horse, Renegade. I created an affix specifically for his bloodline.

Current projects:
-Working on making Renegade's offspring.
-My main goal at the moment is trophy collection, I am attempting to gather breed coat trophies. I set the challenge for myself to breed each of the coats, rather than to simply buy them in an auction.
-Another on going goal is the collection of retired golden apples.
- Working (very slowly) on my Lipizzan line. (It's surprisingly hard to find foundy horses!)

Some guidelines:
-If you would like one of my horses that isn't currently for sale or would like to breed with one of my horses than feel free to message me and we might be able to work something out.