I need  to update my horses for  Prix. They don't have to  be purebred but they do need to have finished skills over 175,000. If you have bred something like that, let me know and we can talk price. 

I believe that every person should be able to meet new people without having to face pre-formed
opinions of who they are.
With that in mind, I give every player a chance. Sometimes I get fed up, and
 block someone.
Sometimes I find a new friend. But everyone gets their fair shot with me.
HOWEVER-if I have enough, and block a player, I will also block any player who
comes asking for things on that player's behalf. It takes a lot for me to put
 my foot down and block someone

My profile picture is my cat, Matt. In this particular photo, he'd decided that we'd played for long enough, and laid down across our board. Matt doesn't appreciate being ignored lol! He was 3 then, and is 11 now. Still as emphatic in his demands for attention :)

Armored Mawaris in sales are not a leak--when I decided to disband the team, I told the team they were free to do as they pleased with the stock. we're far enough behind public release of other breeders  that I don't believe it would harm them if we sold our stock. 

With COVID, colds and flus going around, I want to share this, my go-to response to sore throats and congestion. It doesn't taste great, but it saves turning to medications...and not all of us have the option to dose up when feeling crummy
Drink for sore throats and chest/nasal congestion
You will need:
1 inch ginger root
1 clove garlic
1 lemon
2-3 cups water in a medium pot of water
Honey to taste
Here's how:
Chop/mash the ginger finely
chop/mash garlic
Lemon--remove all of the juice, and grate half of the rind(or throw in some slices if you can't figure out how to grate rind lol)
Add these ingredients to water, and boil for 20-30 minutes until tea-like
Strain, and pour into cup/thermos.
Add honey to taste

COVID-19  has affected u s all in different ways. For my part, I have no work schedule ..more of a guideline, as each day more and more of my coworkers go into isolation and I work to help fill in the gaps. I will not be around for the next little while. If I am, it will only be for short hops between shifts. 

To those of you in more difficult situations than mine....My heart goes out to you and and your families. 

Stay safe- especially those of us who are on the front lines. Health care workers grocery workers, transit, delivery, and other essential workers. Be strong, be safe, be healthy! We're all in it together. 

If you don't have to go out, please stay home- for your health, and everyone else's too 

After the storm, comes the rainbow. We'll get through this!

Currently running low on Helios Ray and Water of Youth. If you have either that you don't want, please contact me for trade, or set up a reserved exchange for the price listed lower on my page. Thanks!

Personal update:

I'm back down to one job, so I'll have some more time to play. However, my AP situation is critical.(Ha! joke's on me, the one job's working me 6 days/weeks lol) If you have MA to sell, please contact me-I'll offer 300,000e in exchange to buy.  My game focus is on my teams, of course. 

Things to do: Stroke Xanthos for a chance to win a Horn Of Plenty :)
Xanthos ,Xanthos ,Xanthos ,Xanthos ,Xanthos ,
Congratulate Topaz, and he will give you 50e
Topaz ,Topaz ,Topaz ,Topaz ,Topaz Defrost Frost, for a chance at one of your own :)Frost
I do buy BMI regularly. Please be aware that my offered purchase price may be higher or lower than those in public exchanges. I offer based on the value that I place on each item, and the amount that I routinely pay myself when I buy the item in public exchange. I will not offer less than I have paid for an item in public exchanges, and I am willing to negotiate to a certain extent. If you have items to sell, feel free to message me. For those of you already selling me items, please check my lists again- some items that we have agreed upon have gone up, meaning that I will pay more than we originally agreed upon . 

 Piece of Cloud -50k or 120k for a pair
 Philotes' Stroke -30k
 Philosopher's Stone-300k
 Morpheus' Arms -300k 
 Nyx Pack -300k,  OR Please message me for BMI negotiation. I will offer equal value in BMIs
Zeus' Lightning Bolt -150k 
 Aphrodite's Tears -200k 
Hera's Pack -300k 
 Harmony Pack -250k 
Medusa's Blood -150k 
Apollo's Lyre -25k 
Helios' Ray -25k 
Golden Apple -150k 
 Black Orchid -50k
Achilles' Heel -150k 
Pandora's Box -75k 
Ploutos' Parchment -25k or 60k for a pair
Water of Youth-100,000e
Poseidon's Pack -140k
Hypnos' Blanket -30k for the item,  or 10p for a horse equipped with it. 

A Little History

I first joined Howrse on the International version, in 2013, and was part of the 2nd top TW team until they disbanded. When my daughter decided to make Friesian Fury here in May,2015, I came over with her, to help out with the team, and in only 2 months we ranked 2nd for our breed. By August we were so close to the top team, Black Shadows, that we two teams decided to pool resources and work together, rather than competing. Thus was born Shadow Knights Fury, breeding the best horses on the sever for about 2 years. As all leaders rise and fall, so did we- but we had a good run, and made good friends. I value that experience. 
I see a lot of people coming over from International lately...with the same comments I made upon my departure. I'm glad that those who want to play for the fun of the game have a server to come to. I hope that CA server does not become competition driven to such an extent that normal players can't make anything of their games, but that it stays the welcoming environment that I experienced, and that I am happy to hear new players experiencing still.. 
 I am happy to help newer players in any way that I can. If you have questions, need tips to make your game successful, how to set up an equestrian center, blup a specific horse or breed, need fillers...feel free to message me. I am an adult player, but I don't bite. 

 What do I need to know to BLUP?
~complete both forest and mountain rides,
~train your three dominant skills(they have an arrow beside them)
~gain skills from competitions that use your dominant skills
Once you BOLD your horse, the only thing left to do to BLUP, is to gain 20wins and reach age 10