I should have more time to play again now but will still be busy with work.

I have received countless private messages the last few days off players asking to buy horses. Read ALL of my page before offering. I will no longer answer emails that do not follow the offering guidelines on my page for horses.

Always accepting Aging Points!

Companions for sale! - I have several horses with rarer (and regular) companion pets on that I am willing to sell*, they're located in >>Bits and Bobs tab, I am getting their pet type put into their names. Feel free to make me an offer.

*I am not selling any with GA's or any of my Foundations with Pets. - No horses in the tab with NFS are for sale!

Black Market Items:

I'm Buying:

Nyx Packs (N. Pack) 

Chronos Timers (CT)

Pandora's Box (PB)

Golden Apples (GA)

Harmony Packs (H. Pack)

Zeus Lightning Bolt (ZLB)

PM Me If Interested/Have Any For Sale/Trade. 

I'm Selling:

Apollo's Lyre

Artemis' Arrow

Bonus Pack

Croesus' Fortune

Medusa's Blood

Philotes' Stroke

Ploutos' Parchment

Water of Youth

What You Might Want To Know About Me:

Sooooo time for an update I think! I've been on this game a loooonnng time. I'm rather inactive now. Pop on occationally. I realized there's much better things to do with my time which are more beneficial to my life. But it's still fun here if you avoid the drama and keep to your own humble corner. I'm currently in University studying both Environmental and Natural Resources along with Forestry (double major). I own a horse, my little Ladybug (4 year old appy mare whom I bred), a dog, Oscar (sheltie, rough collie cross), two cats whom I adore (Smokey & Sootica) and a beautiful 3ft 8 inch ball python, Nadredd. I work hard and study lots so what spare time I get is spent on my animals and exercise. Not so much on here, I'm sure you understand.

I love a good book when I get the chance, and movies too, being outside and doing outdoor sports are great!

runrunrun_toothless__by_neriad-d4pq8ki.gif (I found a baby Toothless!)

I'm also a huge fan of dragons (if you couldn't tell) along with Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings (The Hobbit), Sherlock, House of Cards, Suits, Star Wars, Harry Potter, there's more of them but I can't think of them now. And yes, for the ones that have books, I've read them, almost all before the movies ever came out.

What You Might Want to Know About My Game:

I'm an old time player. Meaning, I've been playing on Howrse since there was only one site and less than 2000 players. Way back when Ow was still Logow. I know what I'm doing. I'm not so up to date on the new stuff, but I'm catching on quickly.

I've played the silly rat races with GP. I've been in some of the top teams on here and the international. Now? Now I just relax and do my own thing and occasionally help with breeding the top PSH Unicorns on here.

I do a skiller occasionally just for the fun of it.

Targaryen Flame/Ghosts of the Past: 

09-01-16: Proudly back in #1 with the Arab Unis!

These are my Arab Unicorns and I'm proud to say that from 2 generations from the original foundations I was the first to achieve,1*, 2*, 3*, 4*, and 5*. Originally this was started with Eelantha (who hasn't been on in a long while). I then took a break from the game and another team took over. However, now I am back, and once again in the lead!

Unicorn Sales - Will be sold once GP is right for sales. (If you see one in the sales with the same GP or higher, inform me and I shall put all with the same GP or less in the sales asap)

All Unicorn Rejects will be sold. I've a new habit of placing them in the auctions.

(More Sales information lower on page)


Sales Rule (For Horses):

If it is posted on my page, or in the sales, then it is for sale. If not, do not offer. If you ignore my page saying this, then I will ignore your message asking. - The only exception is horses under >>The other horses tab that have pets. I have quite a few there with the rarer pets on and am getting round to adding their pet in capitals by their name, if you wa

Fine Print:
I try to make my unicorns available for all players - that does not mean I will give you a high GP for next to nothing, nor that I shall give you a unicorn for free (unless it's in a contest). That means that I do sell unicorns occasionally as low as 5000e and 1 pass. Do not ask for one at that price though. Just keep your eyes on my sales.
For those who do not/cannot buy passes. I will take BMIs in exchange for passes, but only the BMIs listed above (^). The amount of passes removed from the price for each item is how much it costs for that item in the BM. (ex. A GA would take off 1 pass).
I will not buy a horse you bought off me back just because you are not happy with it.
I joined Howrse when these were the little cuties on the game

Last Update: 3rd May 2016