Cheating with scripts/software


As mentioned in the private message you received, cheating is one of the reasons that encouraged us to adjust the AP system.

It might seems marginal but cheating is present everywhere in the game.

After the modification, we took the time to list cheating behavior and wanted to let you decide what to do. Either we give a general warning to players using scripting and/or software before checking their account again OR apply a direct sanction.

Preventing cheating is one of our priorities for Howrse as it refrain us to be more generous with players.


Best regards,

The Howrse team.

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Dracarys wrote:

If the ap change isnt the breaking point then the breaking point is not far off.

Very unlikely.

I have been here for over 7 years and been through the ups and downs of this server. With the worst of times ( about 4 years ago) I highly doubt that could be achieved with just changes that is nowhere near as devastating as the "dark age" of this server ( 4/5 years ago). We lost half the population and we came back to where we are now so even with any "invasion" touted we will continue.

Canadians my appear to be polite and forgiving but don't take that as being soft.
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Oh trust me I know how we are lol. I am Canadian
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