Hello and thank you for visiting my page. 


I am always looking for Arabian Unicorns that aren't related to Out of Infinity, Eternal Guardian or Desert Beauty and have not been in-bred that will allow me to increase my Arabian Uni herd,expand on my breeding program and with time hopefully make Arabicorns more available.  If you have a stallion that offers coverings please let me know as this is also helpful with my program.  I am aware Arabian Unicorns are rare and am willing to pay what they are worth.

Please check out my For Sale breeding farm.  I have many horses that I am willing to part with for very reasonable prices.  If they are already in the For Sale breeding farm they most likely have a price on them but again I am negotiable if the offer is reasonable.  I would like to note that I do not send horses to the Safe Haven and will keep any that don't sell and will put them for sale again at another time or just keep them.

If you have any questions ask and I will try to help.

I am open to friend requests and try to congratulate everyone who congratulates me.

I am primarily breeding pure non-inbred Arabians but have gotten into several other breeds now.  I don't cross breed my horses and I don't in-bred them either and I do not purchase horses that have been cross or in-bred.

My main goal for my Arabians is to produce a horse that is well rounded in all it's skills, especially trot, which is this breeds "weakest" skill.  Usually an Arabians trotting skills are between 22 and 26 but I have, with careful breeding, managed to get a few with trotting skills from 28 - 36.  I plan to keep building on this and seeing just how high I can get the trotting skills of my Arabians up to.

On January 14, 2012, I finally got my Arabian Unicorns, first I bought a colt from Glitterby in Direct sales then I got an Arabian filly from sodapop.  I still can't imagine how I got both male and female Arabian uni's on the same day. Thank you both without you guys Red Sands Arabicorns wouldn't have been as successful as it is now.

Every horse I purchase from another player I try to keep and not resell but occasionally I sell off a few of my horses because I just have too many.  If I bought a horse from you and you see I have it for sale, feel free to message me if you want to buy it back.

If you would be interested in a covering from any one of my Stallions message me.  I usually only charge 500 equus for the covering of any of my stallions, except unicorns which will be 1000 equus.  If you want a foal from one of my mares and one of my stallions let me know and we can work something out.

I don't know if the secret pages are still valid.  I know some changes have been made recently to Howrse but this is how I encountered them:

Secret Page # 1 - ca.howrse.com/ow/2011

Secret Page # 2 - ca.howrse.com/ow/(#of horses in directories)
*This is found on Community Tab above Forum.

Secret Page # 3 - ca.howrse.com/ow/(#of most competitions won yesterday by a player)
*The number of most competitions won yesterday is found under the ranking tab then select  breeders from the list.  The number of competitions won yesterday is in the middle on the left side.  Click the players name and when on their page copy the numbers at the end of their url and add it to the end of the one above and you should find the 3rd secret page.